Predictive optimisation for CHP plants, thermal stores and Heat pumps

With our service product flex.ENERGY, electricity revenues can be increased by up to 25% and gas consumption can be reduced. Our software integrates existing plants and thermal stores into a higher-level control system and optimizes usage of thermal stores and energy trading on the spotmarkets – fully automated.


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KWK Optimierung

The operation of heating plants and district heating networks is becoming more complex. By combining different generation systems, heating centers become active sector couplers. Whether it is a CHP system with storage, solar thermal or power-to-heat, or a district heating system with heat pump, PV and battery storage. Complex system concepts allow greater flexibility in operation.
Our software platform optimises operation in a predictive and forecast-based manner. Plants are integrated into spotmarkets or energy flows are optimized on a local level.
Our service model allows fast integration and attractive revenue increases through optimized marketing.