Automated schedule optimisation for CHP plants

We support operators of heating networks in optimising the operational management of their CHP units and in tapping new revenue potential in electricity trading. As a software service provider, we offer specialised solutions for high-quality heat load forecasts, predictive storage management and trading optimisation in the spot markets. With our software you can avoid low electricity prices, produce at peak times and save operational costs.


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inside.ENERGY // Transparency for energy data

With the right information at the right time, added value can be derived from data. Our real-time monitoring makes it possible to operate thermal generation plants in heating networks more efficiently and reliably. With our web-based monitoring system, you can easily access your data and have all decisive parameters at a glance. Individual alarms enable the automated monitoring of important measured variables and problems in operation are detected at an early stage. Save time and energy.

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flex.ENERGY // Schedule optimisation for CHP plants

Electricity revenues are crucial for the economic operation of CHP plants. We integrate CHP plants automatically into short-term electricity trading and automate the entire process of market connection. Being flexible pays off. Our operation optimisation based on heat demand forecasts makes it possible to meet price peaks and increase the profitability of operation. flex.ENERGY integrates easily and cost-effectively into the existing control system.

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The energy transition is changing the energy landscape. The sector coupling between heat and electricity is a decisive factor for more efficiency in the overall energy system. dezera is a service provider for more networking between decentralised plants and the energy industry. We offer machine learning solutions as well as software and hardware to operate heating centres more intelligently.

Heat grids are often supplied with combined heat and power (CHP) plants. In heat-led operation, electricity production plays a subordinate role. Our solution makes the operation of CHP plants forecast-based and market-oriented. Electricity-led operation of the CHP plants becomes possible. Our software platform enables processes to be handled completely digitally and automatically. Via our customer portal, you have an overview of operating data, plant schedules and forecasts at all times and in real time.


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